Friday, December 9, 2016

The John Wayne Blogathon Has Arrived!

 Note:  I had trouble with my computer over the weekend, so the updates were delayed.  Hope nobody was put off by the inconvenience.  I will have the drawing for the book very shortly.  -Quiggy

The John Wayne Blogathon 

The John Wayne Blogathon begins in earnest today!!!

Quiggy and Hamlette are proud to welcome you to the festivities.  We begin our weekend long tribute to John Wayne, one of the greatest cowboys of all time, an an all around great actor.  Here then are mine, Hamlette's  and some fellow bloggers opinions on some of the best movies and TV appearances of one of the most memorable he-man actors ever to don a drawl.  Over the weekend keep coming back to this page and you'll see new additions to the roll call as I get the chance to add them.

If you have signed up (or are interested in getting in a last minute entry) leave your blog post data at one of your two hosts sign-up sites:  Quiggy or Hamlette.  

And remember, it's never too late to join up.  I'll add them as they come in.  And as an added bonus, don't forget one lucky blogger will win a copy of American Titan: Searching for John Wayne by Marc Eliot.  The drawing will occur sometime next week after I've made sure all wanna-be winners have entered their blog posts in the bowl.  Everyone who posts a blog entry for the John Wayne Blogathon  is eligible (except me, of course... I already have a copy...)

And the winner is: Christina Wehner!

The Blog Roll:

OUR first entry!!!
Two late in life entries epitomize the Duke for Thoughts All Sorts

Hamlette hosts Ektarina who gives us some insight into Rooster Cogburn

Silver Screenings takes a good hard look at  Operation Pacific

Hamlette's Soliloquy delves into the tumultuous relationship portrayed in The Quiet Man

Movies Meet Their Match investigates the "grit"tiness of True Grit

The Big Trail receives its due from High Noon

Caftan Woman reveals the harrowing adventure behind Island in the Sky

A tribute to Wayne as an aging cavalryman is Old Hollywood Films's entry on She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

High Noon presents a loving tribute to Rio Bravo

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance gets a nod from Coffee, Classics and Craziness

Sidewalk Crossings has a thing for Jorge Rivero (and Rio Lobo...)

Christina Wehner shows us the Duke as a drug dealer (not that kind of drugs...) In Old California

"I Love Lucy" claims Wayne in our entry by Love Letters to Old Hollywood

Critica Retro tells us how John Ford and John Wayne became working compadres

Movies Meet Their Match  tells us about the Elder siblings in The Sons of Katie Elder

Rio Grande is a favorite of Phyllis Loves Classic Movies

and last, but not least, is my own entry on Stagecoach  and The Shootist

Hope you all enjoyed the tribute.  I had fun reading the entries.



  1. Hi...finally the day has arrived. Here is my entry:
    Thanks so much for hosting!

    1. Thanks for joining. Hope you enjoy the rest of the entries.

  2. Yay! It's begun! Ekaterina has a guest post up here on my blog reviewing Rooster Cogburn.

    And I found some used copies of John Wayne movies at the thrift store and used book store, so I'm having a giveaway too. You're welcome to enter if you want to!

    1. I probably have them all... I'm only missing a dozen or so of what's available out there... :-) But I'll look.

    2. They're all pretty famous ones, so you probably do.

  3. Here's a look at Island in the Sky:

  4. Here's the link to She Wore a Yellow Ribbon for Old Hollywood Films

    Thanks for hosting!

  5. Hi, Quiggy! Here we wave a bit about the eight (EIGHT?! - Eight) films John Wayne made with John Ford before Stagecoach. I hope it's a swell read:


    1. Thanks. Sorry it was delayed in being added.

  6. Very excited to read about John Wayne! Between this blogathon and his biography, I foresee a lot of John Wayne movie watching in my future. :) Thanks for hosting!

    1. Thanks for reading and congrats on winning the bio.


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