Friday, December 29, 2017

Inspirational Heroes Assemble!

The Inspirational Heroes Blogathon has arrived.  Over the New Year's weekend Hamlette and I will be calling attention to the many heroes that inspire us and our fellow bloggers.  Check back periodically to this page or Hamlette's page to see all the fascinating characters that give us inspiration.  If you are participating you can let either one of us know when your post is ready and we will add it to the roster.  Thanks to all who are participating, and especially thanks to all of you are taking the time to read about all these great heroes.  Enjoy!

The Inspirational Heroes Roster:

Angelman's Place is convinced  It's A Wonderful Life

Movie Movie Blog Blog tells us Rocky Balboa is the real sequel to the original Rocky.

The Midnite Drive-In (me) talks about the inspiring story of the original Rocky

Jessica Prescott uses Hamlette's Soliloquy as a soapbox to tout Stand By Me for inspiration.

Maddylovesherclassicfilms  finds an inspirational hero in To Kill a Mockingbird 

 Coffee, Classics and Craziness finds the young hero of Meet the Robinsons inspiring.

Torchy Blane gets Caftan Woman's inspirational juices boiling.

The inspirational aspect of Apollo 13 is what appeals to Hamlette's Soliloquy

Hometown heroes in Hoosiers are another source of inspiration for The Midnite Drive-In (me)

Heroes come in all packages according to Silver Screenings.  The Day the Earth Stood Still

Jimmy Stewart's Mr. Smith is what The Story Enthusiast calls inspirational.

Crítica Retrô finds the inspiration she needs from Father Flanagan in Boy's Town

Love Letters to Old Hollywood gets inspired by Hildy Johnson in His Girl Friday

Movierob  whets our inspirational appetities with not one, not two, but three inspirational flicks.

Rogue One: Star Wars Story

Hacksaw Ridge

and United 93

Along the Brandywine loves the inspiration of The Hunt for Red October

From Charlene's (Mostly) Classic Movie Reviews come a look at Stella Dallas

Good Will Hunting is the source of The Story and You's inspiration.

On Golden Pond makes Motion Picture Gems' list

The hero of Sergeant York is an inspiration for Sat in Your Lap

Silver Screen Classics loves the everyman of Meet John Doe

Meanwhile, in Revendell gushes (literally) over Secretariat

Cinematic Scribblings  is inspired by The Ascent



  1. My intro post is up too now. Yay! Going to be such an awesome blogathon :-)

  2. Hello! I'm ready to be inspired, and I hope you get inspired by Father Flanagan as I was:

  3. here are my 3 posts.

    this was lots of fun tnx guys!

  4. My entry:

  5. Here's my post, at the last minute: Thank you!

    1. Thanks. I'll add it. I was fast asleep when you posted it last night...

  6. I am here to apologize. Somehow I wrote the date for this event wrong on my calendar and therefore missed it. I despise missing deadlines and not following through with promises. Please accept my apologies for not submitting the promised post and missing your terrific event.

    Once Upon a Screen


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