Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Return of The Midnite Drive-In

Remember the days when you could pile the wife and 2.3 kids into the station wagon, with the back end stuffed with blankets and pillows and head off to the drive-in for a double feature movie night?  Or maybe just you and the girlfriend (with the same blankets and pillows in the car, albeit not for the same reasons)?  Or just you and a bunch of the guys (with a couple of cases of beer in lieu of the blankets and pillows...)?

Maybe not if you are under the age of 30.  But when I was growing up and even into my late 20's, there were drive-ins all over the place.  Nowadays most of them have been torn down and replaced with convenience stores, shopping malls, or in the case of one back home where I grew up, God help us, condominiums.

I have decided to resurrect this blog, and, in the interest of being a more family friendly site, have deleted the old entries and am starting anew.  The goal will still be the same, reviewing movies on a related theme, two at a time, as if we were really going to one of those old double feature drive ins.  Occasionally I will interject some reminiscences of my own, and on occasion I will be playing along with certain "blogathons" that catch my eye on one of my favorite Movie websites.  Enjoy.


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