Saturday, November 28, 2015

Announcing The Oscars® Snubs Blogathon

Well kiddies, I'm having fun in these blogathons, so I decided to get my feet wet and do a blogathon of my own.  Well not entirely on my own.  The ladies at Silver Scenes  have graciously stepped in to co-host and help me do some of the more complicated aspects of the event.

Announcing The Oscars® Snubs Blogathon!  (Feb 26-28, 2016)

It happens every year.  Until recently 5 nominees vied for such varied categories as Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Director, among others.  We as fans are not part of the process of choosing, and sometimes we think our choice was better.  This is a chance to make your case heard.

Think Double Indemnity should have beaten out Going My Way for Best Picture in 1944?  Was Rex Harrison really the Best Actor of the bunch in 1964, or were either Richard Burton or Peter O'Toole more deserving?  And, really, seriously?  Was  Marisa Tomei  really the Best Supporting Actress of 1992?

The rules are simple here.  You can pick any category.  You can pick any year.  The only stipulation is the picture (or person) must have been one of the other nominees in that category for that year, but didn't win.  Otherwise I'd be getting some quack choices like " Plan 9 from Outer Space should have won Best Picture of 1959..."

I'd like to have variety so only one person can do a specific movie or an actor in a movie, but I will stretch a point.  If someone wants to pick, say, The Hustler as Best Picture of 1961, someone else could still pick Paul Newman as Best Actor  in The Hustler , and make an entirely different case.

Let's have some fun with it.  The blogathon will be scheduled to go live on Oscars® weekend 2016.  (Feb. 26-28)  You can pick any of those three days.  Post your choice in the comments below and let's get the ball rolling!  Then grab one of the banners below to post to your blog.  (Banners courtesy of the ladies at Silver Scenes . Thanks, ladies)


Disclaimer:  Oscars® is a copyrighted name.  This blogathon has not been approved by the Oscars® committee.  No such authorization should be construed.

Blog List:

A Person in the Dark  Robert Preston as Best Actor in Victor/Victoria (1982)
A Shroud of Thoughts  A Hard Day's Night as Best Song? (1964)
Angelman's Place Rosalind Russell as Best Actress in Auntie Mame (1958)
CineMaven's Essays from the Couch  Gloria Swanson as Best Actress in Sunset Boulevard (1950)
Crítica Retrô Peter Sellers snubs
Defiant Success  Sidney Lumet snubs
Girls Do Film  Judy Garland as Best Actress in A Star is Born (1954)
Little Bits of Chaplin Charlie Chaplin snubs
The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog Barbara Stanwyck snubs
In The Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood  Alfred Hitchcock as Best Director for Rebecca (1940)
In The Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood  Katherine Hepburn as Best Actress in The African Queen (1951)
Le Mot du Cinephiliaque Fargo as Best Picture (1996)
The Love Pirate Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World as Best Picture (2003)
Margaret Perry Katherine Hepburn snubs
Mildred's Fatburgers Agnes Moorehead as Best Supporting Actress in The Magnificent Ambersons (1943)
MovieFanFare Thelma Ritter snubs
MovieMovieBlogBlog Gordon Hollingshead for Best Live Action Short Film-One Reel So You Think You're Not Guilty (1949)
Movie Night Group's Guide to Classic Film  Charles Laughton as Best Actor in Witness for the Prosecution (1957)
Phyllis Loves Classic Movies  William Powell snubs
shadowsandsatin  Double Indemnity as Best Picture (1944) 
Silver Scenes How the West Was Won  for Best Cinematography, Color (1963)
Silver Scenes Debbie Reynolds as Best Actress in The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964)
Silver Screenings  It's A Wonderful Life (1946)  All categories
Sometimes They Go to Eleven Mildred Pierce as Best Picture (1945) 
Wide Screen World Magnolia as Best Original Screenplay (1999)
Wonderful World of Cinema  The Elephant Man as Best Picture (1980)
The Midnite Drive-In  Peter O'Toole as Best Actor in The Stunt Man (1980)


  1. I reposted the blogathon announcement over at the CMBA website :

  2. Hi! I'm Beth from Mildred's Fatburgers ( May I write about Agnes Moorehead getting robbed for her performance in The Magnificent Ambersons (1943)?

  3. This could be your most obscure entry yet. But could I use this blogathon to make a case for "Joe McDoakes," the long-running Warner Bros. series of comedy shorts featuring George O'Hanlon (later to voice George on "The Jetsons") as an American Everyman? The 1950 McDoakes short SO YOU THINK YOU'RE NOT GUILTY is one of the funniest of the series and was nominated for a Short Subject Oscar!

    1. BTW, my blog is "Movie Movie Blog Blog" at

    2. It's added to the update listing. And I saw that particular one as an added feature on a Warner Brothers DVD of one of the film noir movies I've watched. It's pretty funny.

  4. My post for your blogathon is now live at:

  5. Here's the link to "Sunset Boulevard" my contribution to the SNUBS:

  6. Hey, Quiggy. My Thelma Ritter tribute is now up on MovieFanFare:
    Thanks again for co-hosting.

  7. Steve, Theresa and Gary. All your entries are now on the roll call post. Thanks for participating

  8. Hi Quiggy,


    My Mildred Pierce post is up.

    Could you please keep this as a bitly link so i can track clicks

    thanks for hosting (and the superb Stunt Man post)



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