Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Oscars® Snubs Blogathon Roll Call

The Oscars® Snubs Blogathon is here!  Keep checking back over the weekend.  I will update the roll as I get the links and find the time to add them.  (Keep in mind I'm a working man and have to work all day Friday!)  Thanks to all who participated in this, and I hope you enjoyed yourselves.  Once again, thanks to the ladies at Silver Scenes who helped me co-host this blog.


The Oscars® Snubs Blogathon Roll Call

Silver Scenes presents a solid case for Debbie Reynolds in The Unsinkable Molly Brown

There's a riot in the cell block over Joe McDoakes' snub by  Movie Movie Blog Blog

Silver Screenings proves it's not such a wonderful life when It's A Wonderful Life was snubbed.

Robert Preston gets his well-due praise from A Person in the Dark for Victor/Victoria.

Angelman's Place says Auntie Roz was robbed in Auntie Mame

Yours truly (The Midnite Drive-In) makes a case for Peter O'Toole in The Stunt Man.

CineMaven is ready for a closeup of Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard,

Gary at MovieFanFare makes a case for 6 time snub victim Thelma Ritter.

Little Bits of Chaplin gives Charlie Chaplin the praise the Oscar committees withheld.

Sometimes They Go To Eleven gives us a taste of the film noir classic Mildred Pierce.

The Hitless Wonder feels Barbara Stanwyck should have won a few of her own statuettes.

William Powell's snubs is the subject du jour for Phyllis Loves Classic Movies

100 characters was not enough for Peter Sellers to win an Oscar, Crítica Retrô opines.

Margaret Perry enumerates several Oscars Katherine Hepburn should have received.

A Shroud of Thoughts  has some thoughts on the Beatles' snub.

Silver Scenes second entry notes the astounding snub How the West Was Won got for Cinematography

The Love Pirate makes an appeal to rethink Best Picture nominee Master and Commander.

Movie Night Group wonders where is Charles Laughton's Oscar.

Defiant Success laments Lumet's snubs.

Mildred's Fatburgers makes a case for Agnes Moorehead in The Magnificent Ambersons.

More to come...



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  4. Thanks for co-hosting this event. Am reading the entries now and they are so passionate and articulate – which means you've chosen an ideal blogathon topic. :)

    1. Hope my next one is as well attended as this one. Thanks.

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  6. Both have been added. THanks for participating.

  7. Quiggy, you rock! Thanks again for organizing this event. So much more fun than the real Oscars turned out to be!


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