Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Wearing of the Green

March 17.  St Patrick's Day.  A day in which everyone is Irish.  We all drink green beer, (or green Kool-aid if you are a tee-totaller).  And everyone puts on something green, to avoid being pinched (Do they still do that?).  Green is the color of the day for St. Patrick's Day, so in honor of the day I'm going to pay tribute to the ultimate wearer of the green.



(Well, if you were expecting a serious answer, you are in the wrong blog.)

Unfortunately I'm very busy today, but I do have a smattering of great movie posters to get you in the mood for this "green" day.

A few from the classic original:

 And some from the sequels:

Some cheesy knock-offs:

And of course, the ultimate, playing him for laughs:

Come back over the weekend kiddies for a double feature that will curl your toes, but in the meantime Happy St. Franken...I mean St. Patrick's Day!


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