Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Busy Bees

Folks, June is going to be a busy month.  In the first two weeks alone I have scheduled three blogathon entries, plus a special entry of my own.  I also find I've entered two blogathons with the same due date (June 28-30).  Add that to two more blogathons between those two bookends and I have a total of 7 entries for a month with only four weeks.  I hope you get a chance to read all of them.

In an effort to help anyone who wants to keep up, I am going to post a schedule that I intend to try to keep:

June 2 :  The Royalty in Film Blogathon:            Flash Gordon

June 5 :  The Athletes in Film Blogathon:           The Dirty Dozen

June 8 :   A Celebration of (Personal) Sobriety:  The Lost Weekend

June  11:  The Order in the Court Blogathon:      My Cousin Vinny

June 18:  The Nature's Fury Blogathon:               Gojira  and Godzilla

June 29:  The Mel Brooks Blogathon:                  Blazing Saddles

June 30:  The Joan Crawford Blogathon:              Reunion in France

Note:  This post has been edited.  The Joan Crawford Blogathon is not until July.  So I only have 7 entries due in June, not 8.... Whew!




  1. You are a MACHINE!! Go, Quiggy, go.
    I will be lucky to get in a couple of my own posts between now and the Noir blogathon...but you are inspiring me!

    1. Thanks, Chris. The good thing is most of them I can write from memory, like "the Dirty Dozen", having seen it dozens (no pun intended) of times. I never saw the original Japanese version of Gojira, and haven't seen the Raymond Burr infused reworking of it since I was a kid. And I have thus far avoided Reunion in France, because I prefer my Wayne movies to be westerns, but since his costar is Crawford I'm finally going to watch it.


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