Thursday, April 20, 2017

Didn't See THAT Coming!

This is NOT a post full of Spoiler Alert!s...  You can read this post and still watch the movies listed herein.  I'm not giving away anything.  (Unless you just don't like being told there is a surprise at the ending, of course.)  This is all in fun, just a list of movies with a revelation or an event that, if you were not aware of it prior to the viewing, may surprise you.  And I don't include "The Crying Game" (a classic "didn't see THAT coming" event for some, at the time, but I could tell right away...  See?  I didn't even spoil that one...)

Some of My Favorite Movies with Surprise Endings.  (or "Didn't See THAT Coming!")

Primal Fear (1996) : Based on the book by William Diehl, but I hadn't read the novel first.

Planet of the Apes (1968):  Not a big surprise now because it's iconic, but when I first saw it...

The Sixth Sense (1999):  I think I fell out of the chair on this one...

Time Bandits (1982):  A twist that is somewhat the milieu of Terry Gilliam.

Fight Club (1999):  This kind of ending will always surprise me.

Chinatown (1974):  A very odd outcome, although not really surprising considering it was a Roman Polanski film...

The Empire Strikes Back (1980):  A family affair that was a big surprise at the time.

The Usual Suspects (1995):  Finding out true identities was a shocker.

12 Monkeys (1995): Terry Gilliam, again.  What else can I say?

Of course, you could include a lot of slasher movies in this list.  Who actually saw the ending coming in such classics as Psycho, Friday the 13th, and a slew of others.  One of my favorites, however, is a drive-in classic, but is now largely forgotten, except by aficionados such as myself:  Happy Birthday to Me.  (If you like slasher films, seek that one out..)

Hope you folks liked this little tidbit.  And if you haven't seen some of these, by all means check your video store or Netlix.



  1. You have some of my very favorites there - was SO surprised by Planet of the Apes, Empire Strikes Back, Chinatown and - all-time, never-saw-it-coming ending of Sixth Sense.

    Also a big fan of those slasher films, especially Friday the 13th - long live Jason!!

    1. Long live Jason? Apparently there's no worry there... Even Freddie Krueger failed. One I forgot to add that was unexpected,. for me, was "Watchmen".


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