Friday, May 5, 2017

The Most Fabulous Place in the World

This is my entry in the Favorite Film & TV Homes Blogathon sponsored by Phyllis Loves Classic Movies and Love Letters to Od Hollywood

It looks like the coolest vacation spot in the world.  On the other hand, anyone who goes in, never gets out.  It's a prison.  It's the place where the secret service sends all their rogue agents.  Or maybe its some foreign power who wants his privileged information.  You can't really know. The Prisoner was the genesis of  Patrick McGoohan, who had previously been the star of a series called Secret Agent (British title: Danger Man).  In it, Number Six (Patrick McGoohan) has had enough of his job as a secret agent (maybe the same character  as in Secret Agent/Danger Man?), and quits.  His superiors, or some other entity, drugs him and deposits him in "The Village".  The Village represents a prison only in the fact that escape is impossible.  Number Six (the titular Prisoner) can go anywhere and do anything he wants, except leave the premises of The Village.

And why would anyone want to leave The Village?  After all, it's an idyllic place (if you don't mind being kept a prisoner, at any rate).  The only really disconcerting part of living in the Village is that the powers that be, in the guise of Number Two, continually try to extract from Number Six his reasons for quitting the spy business.  Number Six , over the course of the entire series, refuses to cooperate, but rather than be tortured, he is allowed to live as he pleases, albeit within the confines of the Village.

The Village is, in real life, the resort of Hotel Portmeirion in North Wales.  It is an exquisite looking place, what is described as an Italianate designed by British architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis.  A view of this exquisite resort is all you need to want to go there immediately.

As the "prison" in The Prisoner, it is fairly sedate. Number 6 has his freedom to wander the entire grounds at will, just not the freedom to leave the confines. If he does try, "Rover", a guardian which looks like nothing more innocuous than an enormous beach ball, captures him and returns him to the prison.

Number 6 is able to acquire a map of his surrounding area:

Number 6 tries to find out just where exactly he is in relationship to the rest of the world (when he's not defying authority or trying to escape, that is).  But the map is less than helpful.  For my own part, I'd just take the easy life and try to find my center of happiness in the sedate surroundings.  Of course, there's that niggling little problem with the reigning authorities trying to get inside your head and find out why you quit, but I think I'm enough of a jackass to tell them to "go to Hell and leave me be."  Then I can enjoy the place.

It should be noted that Number 6's digs are fairly nondescript.   Nothing to write home about.  But then nothing says he has to stay in his apartment 24/7.  He can get out and enjoy the surroundings.

A final addition to this blog entry are several pictures to show you why I find this place a desirable alternative to my current digs.

BTW, if you've never seen "The Prisoner", I highly recommend it.  It is only a 16 episode series.  Patrick McGoohan began an ended the series in one season, with a fairly odd but somewhat satisfying resolution to the series. (so there's no annoying drop in which the overriding dilemma of the series doesn't get resolved).  Not only that, but you get to see why I love this place so much.



  1. The Village is so appealing. I would expect I could adapt quite easily to the surroundings. But then there is that damn #2 and the Rover. There is a pall hanging over you that you can never shake. No. Just won't do. Oh, but it's so pretty.

    The Prisoner gives me a headache if I think about it too deeply. I applaud your selection, but then again, I don't.

    1. The Prisoner is one of the greatest shows ever broadcast across the Pond, in my opinion. It ranks up there with Dr. Who and Monty Python as my three favorites (that have been aired over here anyway.) BTW I don't include "Sherlock" only because I've only seen DVD copies, haven't seen it aired on TV. Thanks for reading.

  2. This place looks amazing and I will definitely have to look this show up! I've only seen Patrick McGoohan in "The Three Lives of Thomasina" and a Rock Hudson submarine movie I can't remember the name of.

    I really like the map of the island and think I could very happily live here!

    Thanks so much for participating in the blogathon!

    1. The Rock Hudson movie was "Ice Station Zebra"

      ( It's a very useful tool...:-D

      Thanks for reading.

  3. I'm definitely putting The Prisoner on my watchlist! It sounds really great, even if I only know Patrick McGoohan from Silver Streak. I think I can look past his attempts to murder my beloved Gene Wilder...

    Thanks so much for bringing this show to the blogathon! The Village looks pretty sweet.

    1. It is a pretty impressive place. I bet liberal Democrats in the US wish all prisons looked like this one. Thanks for reading.

  4. I don't recall Number 6 ever visiting the "Palace of Fun" but that's probably the first spot I would see if I paid a visit to the Village. While No. 6 had a great pad, I always thought No. 12 had the best place of them all ( The Schizoid Man ). You'll have to head to Wales to visit this place in person, Quiggy. Then you can give us the scoop on how dangerous it really is.

    1. He doesn't go to the Palace during the series, but I seem to recall, vaguely, he might have in a novel based on the series. Maybe, if someone bequeaths me a few thousand dollars, I could vacation in the UK and make a trip there. Thanks for reading.


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