Friday, July 20, 2018

Superhero Thoughts

Chris Cummins who runs Movie FanFare had this on his blog site.  I thought it was worth a shot.

• What was the first superhero movie you ever saw in a theater? What were your thoughts?

It depends on what qualifies as a superhero.  I saw the original 1978 Superman, but if you can count Luke Skywalker as a "superhero" I saw Star Wars before that.

• What is your favorite comic book movie and why?

I have a great love for the outcast characters, so X-Men movies are my favorites.

• A lot of critics talk about “superhero fatigue” these days, do you personally think that there are too many films inspired by comic books? If so, why?

Therre can never be enough superhero movies.  'Nuff said.

• In your opinion, what is the worst superhero or comic book movie you have seen? What makes it so terrible?

Avengers Infinity Wars, but only because it left the story unresolved at the end.   That could change when the next one comes out.   Outside of that, I find the Eric Bana/Ang Lee "Hulk" to be very boring.  And "Steel".  Shaq can't act.

• Name some of your favorite underrated comic book films,

 Flash Gordon (1980) and Howard the Duck.  I like them both despite what the reviewers said.

• How many superhero/comic book films do you have in your personal collection? Which ones?

A buttload.  Every Marvel Cinematic Universe one, because I love Marvel Comics, most of the DC ones, and several others.

• Why do you think that these types of movies have struck such a chord with the viewing public?

Everybody loves it when the good guys win.

• What comic properties would you like to see on the big screen?


• How do you feel about reboots of superhero films?

There's nothing wrong with reboots, if the actors give a new interpretation that works.  The newest Spiderman movies are pretty good.  And Edward Norton's reboot of Hulk was loads better than the Eric bana one.

• Who is your favorite cinematic Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man?

Superman: Christopher Reeve
Batman: Michael Keaton
Spiderman: Tobey MacGuire

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