Saturday, January 5, 2019

Versatile Blogger Award

Virginie @ The Wonderful World of Cinema nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  The only thing I like better than talking about movies is talking about myself :-D.  So I want to thank her for this opportunity.

So the rules for the award are thus:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Provide a link to their blog.
3. List 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15(!!) other blogs.  (And I am taking the easy route on that and just nominating everyone who reads this...)

So,  the 7 things I came up with about myself:

1.  I got involved in reviewing movies because when I was in my 20's I threw the Dallas Times Herald paper in my town.  On Friday, after throwing the Friday edition, I would make a habit of reading Joe Bob Briggs' (John Bloom's pseudonym) column which covered the drive-in movies.  At that time, drive-ins were still ubiquitous, and most of the drive-in movie fare was low-budget horror, sci-fi and slasher stuff.  Briggs was fired from DTH for making some off-color remarks, but he has still continued his career, and in 2000 I came across two collections of his reviews; Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In and Joe Bob Goes Back to the Drive-In.  (Both of these books are out of print and Amazon has sellers selling them for $100+ a pop so, no, you CAN"T borrow them...)

2.  Speaking of books on movies, those aren't the only two I have.  My collection of movie books takes up three shelves on my bookcase.  A few of which I have reviewed here.  My most extensive collection is the FAQ series published by Hal Leonard Books, of which I have 12 or so.  You should check out what's available as they are eminently readable.  Especially well written are Armageddon Films FAQ and Film Noir FAQ.

3.  I am one of John Wayne's biggest fans.  I can say that because I have every (available) movie that John Wayne was ever in.  He may not have been the consummate actor of his day, but I really enjoy the way he comes off on the screen.

4. If you've read this blog, you already know, but my favorite movies are action and sci-fi.  But I also watch just about any movie that is recommended, if the plot intrigues me, even plain old domestic dramas.  Like my attitude towards new foods, I'll try anything once.

5. Humor is my milieu.  Some people might call it sarcasm.  Fine with me.  But I have such an extensive knowledge of movie quotes that I can respond to external stimuli with a comment that I think is funny. Not everyone gets the quote, however.  But if they do, it makes the effort that much better.  Example:  In the shipping department of my place of work I ran across a box that had "Pier 1 Imports" stenciled on it.  I said "Pier 1 Imports!  Man, this place has everything!"  One person in hearing got the reference to the movie "The Blues Brothers".

6.  Outside of movies, my other passion is festivals.  Locally we have a menudo festival every year.  (Menudo is a Mexican dish made with tripe).  I also try to get to the Poteet Strawberry Festival held every year in Poteet, Texas (about 90 miles away).  And just down the road, New Braunfels, a German conclave, has Oktoberfest.  Anything that features food is sure to attract my attention.  I love to eat.

7.  The last thing is, never challenge me to a Trivial Pursuit game.  My mind is cluttered with a bunch of useless trivia, but it comes in handy.  I remember one time playing team Trivial Pursuit.  Our team was up and the other team drew the card.  "Oh, you guys will never get this." they said.  The other two members of my team expressed the same negative opinion, but I said, "No, we'll get it."  They asked the question "Who has won the most Oscars for costume design?"  Without a beat I said "Edith Head".  The rest of them just about fell out of their chairs.

Want to play?  Just post to your blog, but let me know so I can read your 7.



  1. I've already played this game, but I'll take you on in the Trivial Pursuit thing any time...

    1. I'm guessing you are somewhere in the north midwest. A one-on-one game of Trivial Pursuit challenge could happen, but not in the winter...LOL I like snow, but not when I'm on a vacation...


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