Friday, June 21, 2019

The Blizzard of Oz Blogathon is Here!

Well, if you been waiting in ant---ic---i---pation for it, The Blizzard of Oz Blogathon is now here.  The celebration of Aussie cinema, Aussie stars and Australia in general is now ready for posts.  Keep checking back over the weekend as this post will be updated with the entries as they come in.  And while you're at,  put another shrimp on the barbie...

The Blizzard of Oz Roll Call:
(Note:  I was tired Friday night, so all who posted Friday, sorry for the delay in updating...)

Realweegiemidget Reviews peeks in on the Neighbours

My take on the indie film Strictly Ballroom

It's the wandering life for Caftan Woman and The Sundowners

Silver Screenings takes us on a Picnic at Hanging Rock

Its road trip time!  Angelman's Place rides on Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Revealed in Time gives us the whole story of The Thorn Two parts

Diary of a Movie Maniac plays some Road Games

Coffee, Classics and Craziness sings the praises of her Gladiator

The Stop Button delves into Malcolm

Dubsism likes Living Dangerously

Crítica Retrô helps us follow In the Wake of the Bounty

Hamlette's Soliloquy gives us a guided tour of Five Mile Creek

Revealed in Time  takes us to the real Australia

Movies Meet Their Match introduces us to The Man from Snowy River

And, finally, my second entry on The Road Warrior

Thanks to all who entered.



  1. G'day! Here's my post on those Neighbours Stars now Hollywood Headliners!

  2. Big Bob and Deb are here:

  3. Hi! I've posted my entry here:
    Looking forward to reading about Australian cinema!

  4. Here's my entry, Quiggy, thanks for hosting and making me write again!!--and kudos to Hamlette's wonderful banners...I had a hard time choosing between Mel and Hugh!
    Link below:

  5. The Thorn Birds - Parts One and Two

    The Thorn Birds - Parts Three and Four

  6. Here's my post!

    Thanks for hosting this blogathon - I had a lot of fun writing my entry.

  7. Posted!

  8. Here's the Dubsism contribution

  9. Here it is Errol Flynn's weird debut in In the Wake of the Bounty:

  10. My overview of Five Mile Creek is up! Thanks for hosting this -- I had SO much fun writing that post up.

  11. Australia:

    1. I completely forgot you had picked that. Thanks for joining.

  12. Hey, Quiggy!
    I've been extremely busy these last few days, and haven't had access to my computer, but I will publish my post ASAP in the morning. Thanks for hosting!!

    1. All right. It will be late this evening before I have a chance to add it though. I'm heading out the door in about 30 minutes,

  13. I'm so sorry that this took so long! Thanks again for hosting this! I look forward to participating in more of your blogathons!


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