Monday, November 11, 2019

Announcing the Beyond Star Trek Blogathon

Star Trek had it's fingers in many pies.  Not only did it make a name for itself as a viable science fiction icon, it kick-started, or sometimes enhanced the careers of many icons in film today (and some that will be).

Thus comes this blogathon.  It is called Beyond Star Trek because we are looking for those actors or actresses who, although they may have become famous due to their "discovery" on Star Trek, impacted the movie and TV world both before, during and after their brief shining moment in the nebula of the Star Trek Universe.

Rachel (Hamlette's Soliloquy) and I are teaming up for the Beyond Star Trek Blogathon.  For this blogathon, we ask that you pick one (or more) of the stars who appeared in a Star Trek series or movie and focus on some accomplishment they made either before or after (or maybe even during) their rising star status as a character in their respective series.  Note:  This is the BEYOND Star Trek Blogathon, NOT a Star Trek Blogathon.  Your entry will be denied if you try to choose anything from the Star Trek Universe of movies, TV or books.  A special allowance will be made for autobiographies of celebrities who were in Star Trek, but please focus more on their accomplishments away from Star Trek.

Major characters in the Star Trek series are preferred but we are not adverse to having actors and actresses who played minor characters, but if you choose one, we insist that the same actor or actress played the exact same character in a minimum of 2 appearances on the series.  Also allowable are any of the many directors and behind the scenes personnel (like Gene Roddenberry).

The list of rules as always:

1. Pick your celebrity and on what you want to focus.  Only one specific movie per person.  No one wants to see a hundred views of William Shatner's "White Comanche".  (Not even sure if anybody wants to see even one...)  But they could all, conceivably, be William Shatner appearances, as long as each person chooses a separate appearance (And God help us if it does turn out that way...)

2. Write your entry and post it on or before the date of the blogathon.

3. Let one of us know your choice so we can add it to the roster.

4.  Use one of the banners below for your post.

5.  Have fun.



The Roster: (so far)

The Midnite Drive-InZombies of the Stratosphere (1952;  feat. Leonard Nimoy)
The Midnite Drive-inFear in the Night (1947; feat. DeForest Kelley)
Hamlette's SoliloquyBig Valley episode "A Time to Kill" (1966, feat. William Shatner)

Along the Brandywine: Little Women (1978; feat. William Shatner)
Angelman's PlaceInvasion of the Body Snatchers (1978, feat. Leonard Nimoy)
Caftan WomanZane Grey Theater episodes (feat. DeForest Kelley)
Coffee, Classics & CrazinessMission: Impossible TV series (feat. Leonard Nimoy)
I'm Charles Baker Harris (And I Can Read): Reading Rainbow (feat. LeVar Burton)
Movies Meet Their MatchEating Raoul (1982; feat. Robert Beltran)
Taking Up Room: X-Men (2000; feat. Patrick Stewart)
Wide Screen World: Miss Congeneality (2000; feat. William Shatner)

More to come.


  1. I have an idea, but I'm not sure if it fits your rules. I have an idea for a Sports Analogy for the career of Clint Howard. He appears in one episode of the original series, and in one episode of Deep Space Nine, and his IMDB page is an exercise in scrolling. If it doesn't fit your theme, that's fine...

    1. The idea is right. Just the rule eliminates it. The actor or actress must have played the same character more than once. According to IMDb Howard played different characters in each of his appearances. But you are welcome to submit another entry.

  2. :-D I LOVE this idea, Quiggy. Thank you for asking me to co-host!

  3. Adore this idea I've been toying with the idea of a Shatner one for ages!!! Will get back to you!

    1. I'm not enamored of Shatner but I'd probably enter that one. I thought he was pretty funny in Loaded Weapon 1

  4. Hi there, found one can you add me with Baffled!(1973) with Leonard Nimoy... from Gill at Realweegiemidget Reviews

  5. Hi there, my husband just found William Shatner in The Babysitter (1980), and it looks like one I should review.. can I be a pest and change to this one??

    1. I wonder just how many movies there are titled "the Babysitter"... The first one I thought of was a 70's drive-in flick. There was also one back in the 90's that featured Alicia Silverstone in an early role. Apparently a common adult male fantasy... :-) OK I'll change it.

  6. Hi, Quiggy! I love this idea. I was thinking of Patrick Stewart in the X-Men movies, but I can't remember which one he has the biggest part in. It's been a long time. The first one's probably pretty safe, right?

    1. I think he is in all of them, but more prominently in the first, Thanks for joining.

  7. Hi there, sorry but have to withdraw from the blogathon for personal reasons. Really looking forward to reading the posts!


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