Saturday, December 7, 2019

Hamlette's Merry Christmas Tag

A movie tag created by my friend Rachel (Hamlette).  I'm just doing the movie part.  I won't tag anyone, too much risk of offsetting people.  But you are welcome to follow suit if you feel inclined.  You can check out her original post here.

1.  A Partridge in a Pear Tree - movies that involve agriculture.

Field of Dreams (1989):

First off the bat (no pun intended).  Nothing in the rules said I actually have to LIKE the movie I pick (which you will see my opinion if you read the link).  Although mostly about baseball, Costner's character is a farmer.

2.  Turtledoves - movies about a long-lasting relationship:

Longtime Companion (1989):

This is a beautiful story about the long term relationship between several gay couples during the onset and aftermath of the early years of AIDS.  I chose to use it here rather than in a ater category (#5).  It has some heartfelt and tender depictions that some straights overlook when thinking about the gay community.

3.  French Hens - movies that take place in France.

The Longest Day (1962):

A movie with too many stars and cameos to mention.  OK, just one... JOHN WAYNE.

4. Calling Birds - movies where people talk on the phone.

Bill and Ted Films (1989 & 1991):

OK, I'm stetching a point here.  There are a few scenes where people talk on the phone, but I couldn't resist using these movies because the time machine is a phone booth.

5. Golden Rings:  movies with multiple romances.

The Princess Bride (1987):

You've got Westley and Buttercup.  You've got the grandfather and the grandson.  You've got Inigo and Count Rugen (didn't say they had to be "loving" romances...)  And then you got the romance of Prince Humperdinck with himself.

6. Geese a-Laying - movies with a birth or that feature babies.

Alien (1979):

That scene where the alien pops out of the guys chest is a birth if I ever saw one...

I spared you the scene of the actual birth... you can thank me later.

7.  Swans a-Swimming - movies where someone goes swimming.

Forbidden Planet (1956):

Anne Francis goes skinny-dipping.  OK, not really.  She's wearing a body suit which you can see if you go through the scene in slo-mo.  (Of course I did...)

8. Maids a-Milking - movies featuring cows.

Urban Cowboy (1980):

OK, I took some liberties here.  There are some cows in the rodeo scene, but I picked this for the fact that Debra Winger is on a mechanical bull... and she makes that bull look GOOD.

9. Ladies Dancing -movies with a dance scene.

Xanadu (1980):

No matter what you think of the movie, there are some pretty good dance scenes in it.

10. Lords a-Leaping -movies about athletes.

Eight Men Out (1988):

There was really only one choice here.  My favorite sports movie (despite the fact that the events depicted are less than inspring...)

11. Pipers Piping - movies with someone playing a musical instrument.

Howard the Duck (1986):

Howard comes to Earth and the best job he can get is playing guitar with an all-girl rock band?  But he does wail on that Stratocaster...

12. Drummers Drumming -movies with a character in the military.

Patton (1970):

I've covered so many movies about war and the military it was tough to pick just one.  But then, George C. Scott is one of my top 5 favorite actors.

So what do you think of my choices?  Feel free to dispte.



  1. Hahaha! Bill and Ted! Such a priceless choice.

    I've always been a little scared of watching Xanadu.

    Eight Men Out is so good. Baseball movies tend to be my favorite kind of sports movies. Probably cuz baseball is a sport I understand the rules of.

    Glad you had fun with this!

  2. Xanadu is pretty cheesy. But if you fast forward through the worst part (the animated sequence, even though it does have a decent ELO song backing it) its bearable. At least go to youtube and watch the "Dancin'" sequence where the two bands (a 40s swing band and an 80's new wave band) end up together.

    Bill and Ted was my only choice. I could have gone with something like "Sorry, Wrong Number" but that wouldn't have been funny. Gotta go with humor when I have the option....

    Thanks for reading.

  3. Hey, you and I both chose Field of Dreams for the first one! It thought that it was such a weird movie, but my sister absolutely loves it. Maybe if I see it more I'll like it and understand it better.

    1. You have to read my review. I'm not exactly its greatest proponent... :-) Thanks for reading.

  4. You included one of my all time favorites!!!

    1. And I don't even have to guess which one... :-) Thanks for reading.


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