Sunday, May 28, 2023

Bad Movies Rule

 Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to get motivated.  I need the occasional inspiration to make a commitment work.  and sometimes the best inspiration just comes from out of nowhere.

I was playing around on Spotify, looking for songs from movies I like when I happened to search for a song "This Is The life", the opening song by Weird Al Yankovic to the movie "Johnny Dangerously",  (Guess what?  There's another movie I never got around to reviewing on here.)


(Note: Update.  I have now.  Johnny Dangerously )

Anyway, along with that song I saw a link to a podcast called "Bad Movies Rule"

The podcast, apparently the inspiration of a few friends, is a weekly jaw session between a few guys (and occasionally a girl or two) about what are essentially movies that a consensus of critics and/or the public consider "bad".  The gang of reviewers on the podcast, for the most part, usually disagree with the status hence the name "Bad Movies RULE"

There is, as near as I can tell, only one consistent, week after week, host, a guy named James Hauser. So I won't disrespect anyone by forgetting to name them, I'll just leave it with his name as being the leader, but all of them are good in their own right. The pic above is from their website.  Typically only 3-5 of them appear on each episode.

The list of movies they have done so far (up to #108 as of this writing) is also a list of movies that I thoroughly enjoy and some of which have made this blog.  The reason I have restarted this blog now is because these guys have inspired me to go back and review those ones that I like that have not made this blog yet, as well as some of the ones they reviewed that I am now watching for the first time.  Only a few of them have I never even heard of before.  They are all familiar names, whether you have actually seen them or not.

There are several things I really like about the podcast.  One of the frequent questions that come up at the end of the review is "Would Arnold Schwarzenegger have made this a better movie?"  (Spoiler Alert: The answer is usually "yes...") They also have an award session at the end.  One of the awards they give out is what they call the Will Patton award for best acting in a non- central role.  (It was named after the actor Will Patton who has been a secondary character in some 100+ movies and TV shows). Another award is the "Trash Can Full of Dirt" award (given to the worst actor in the movie, and a reference to a comment made about an actor in one of the movies they reviewed early in the series.)

In retrospect, after having listened to about half of the shows oeuvre, I have to say that I agree with most of the ultimate reviews (one exception being how they treated one of my favorite movies, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension).  But all in all, these guys are a blast to listen to.  Expect a smattering of those movies they reviewed to crop up over the next few  months.

Thanks, James and the rest of the gang for motivating me.


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