Friday, September 6, 2019

Are You Ready for Some Football? THe !st and 10 Blogathon is Underway

The football season is here.  College and high schoolfootball are in full swing and the pros just kicked off their season last night.  So Dubsism and I have a special treat to celebrate this great sport.  A blogathon.  We have several entries already, but if you have a last minute choice, go ahead and write it and we'll post it here.  Over the weekend just keep checking back to see all the football fanatics and their posts here or over at Dubsism's page;

Firstly, I give credit where credit is due to the only good version of The Longest Yard.

Realweegiemidget Reviews tells us about the football aspects of The Big Chill

Moviemovieblogblogii praises the football heroes in Popeye

The Stop Button discusses the negative side of Wildcats

Sports Chump brings us another Burt Reynolds gem Hooper

Silver Screenings gives us a look at the classic The Freshman

MovieRob gets with The Program

MovieRob also delves into The Express

MovieRob also gives us some insight  into John Wayne's Trouble Along the Way

MovieRob goes into overtime with The Fifth Quarter

My co-host Dubsism gets flagged for Necessary Roughness

More to come.

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