Thursday, August 17, 2023

Friends Fur Life Blogathon





The Friends Fur Life Blogathon

A new blogathon! Hamlette and I present the Friends Fur Life Blogathon!


Friends can come in all shapes and sizes.  Most of us have human friends of course.  But friends are not limited to just the bipedal members of the homo sapien  variety.  There are four legged friends (dogs, cats, ferrets etc.). There are two legged friends (like birds). There are even eight-legged and no-legged friends (like spiders and snakes... to each his own).

The inspiration for this blogathon came as a result of the loss of a longtime companion of mine(Pennie, a cat).  And the addition of a new longtime (hopefully) companion into my life (Ditto, another cat).  

My friend Rachel at Hamlette's Soliloquy agreed to co-sponsor a blogathon celebrating our animal friends.  Animal friends appear in hundreds, nay thousands, of film and TV shows.  To celebrate our animal friends this blogathon is dedicated.


The rules for this blogathon are pretty simple:

  • The animals in the movie or TV show must be pets or companions (Jaws is out; Flipper is in).
  • Only one duplicate of a title allowed.
  • Only new posts, please -- don't link to something you wrote last year or last decade, etc. 
The possibilities are endless. TV shows which had a regular appearance by a dog or cat? Sure. Movies which may have had an animal as one of it's cast members? Absolutely.  Even if the focus was on the humans in the story, if a pet or companion shows up as a focal point in a scene or two, that is OK. (For instance in The Incredible Shrinking Man the focus is on the man shrinking but a focal scene involves him interacting with the household cat, and that's OK.)

My co-host added this which may lead you to another inspiration:
Entries are not limited to movie/TV show reviews.  If you want to do a list of your ten favorite episodes of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch that feature her talking cat, have at it!  If you want to compare the 1965 and 1997 versions of That Darn Cat, you totally may.
Leave a comment on your choice here or on Rachel's blog Hamlette's Soliloquy.  The entry choices so far will appear below as I have the chance to add them.  Please feel free to use one of the buttons created to add to your blog entry.


Blog Entries So Far:

First entry: A tribute to Orangey, the great cat star of the 50's.
Second entry: Willard (1971) and Ben (1972)
101 Dalmatians: (1961)

A Fish Called Wanda: (1989)
Alligator Loki from Loki: (2021)
Rocket Raccoon 
Buddy: (1997)
Puppy Love (2023)
That Darn Cat (1965)

Greyfriars Bobby (1965)