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Out From the Shadows: The Film Noir Blogathon is Underway

The Film Noir Blogathon

The Film Noir Blogathon begins in earnest today.  You can post your link here or on the original page.  I will add them here to the main list as I get time.  Keep in mind I'm a working man, so I have to abide by the rules at my job.  I will not be able to start updating anything until I get off work (unless you are one of the early posters...)  Also keep checking back over the next week, as I intend to read every one of these entries at some point and personalize each listing instead of the abrupt link I initially have to use.  A great big "Thanks!" to all those who participated.  (Also, once again, a huge thanks to Connie @ Silver Scenes  for my banners for this blogathon)  Keep an eye out for the next whiz bang (hopefully)  blogathon idea, as this won't be my last.

Please be sure to link your post to this page if you can, to make sure all interested parties can read the other entries in this blogathon.  Thanks.

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Here is the list of the luminaries who have graciously opted in on this blogathon.  Read them one at a time or read them all at once (if you have that many computer screens...)  Enjoy!

One more final note:  You will notice over the weekend that some of these will have a more personal note (indicating I got around to reading it).  I fully intend to oblige all of your entries with this sevice.  If it gets to be the end of August and you notice yours still hasn't been done, feel free to bust my chops about it.


Midnite Drive-In  "Death Wears a Shattered Look" D.O.A. and The Hitch-Hiker

4 Star Films  "The Set-Up (1949)"

"Noir" infiltrates the boxing world, with interesting twists

Angelman's Place "Lovely Rita, Lethal Gilda" Gilda

Even bad, Gilda sounds intriguing, the way Angelman describes her.

Anna, Look!  "Sorry, Wrong Number (Anatole Litvak 1948)"

A bed-ridden Barbara Stanwyck tries desparately to get someone to believe her.

B Noir Detour  "Noir and the Western: John Sturges"  The Walking Hills and The Capture

John Sturges melds the noir with the western

Caftan Woman "The Film Noir Blogathon :New York Confidential (1955)"

The Syndicate gets more personal in Caftan Woman's review of "New York Confidential".

Champagne for Lunch "The Killers vs. The Killers"

Two very different takes on an Ernest Hemingway story.

Cinema Cities  "Film Noir Double Feature: Kansas City Confidential and 99 River Street"

John Payne is a man on the edge in two nail-biters.

Cinematic Frontier  "Suspicion (1941)"

Cary Grant in "Suspicion".  Bounder? Cad? Or something more sinister?

Cinema Monolith  "Armored Car Robbery"

An intriguing take on an armored car heist.  Charles McGraw and William Talman are the stalwarts.

Cinematic Scribblings  "Shadows Closing In: Shoot the Piano Player (1960)"

You can run from your past, but it's pretty hard to hide from it.

Crítica Retrô  "A Sombra da Guilhotina/The Reign of Terror"

A noir set in the French Revolution.  History lesson, anyone?

Defiant Success  "The Film Noir Blogathon"  In Cold Blood

Chilling portrayal of a robbery.

The Flapper Dame  "Laura (1944)"

The Flapper Dame presents yet another mysterious noir femme.

Great Old Movies  "Treasure of Monte Cristo"

Duplicitous woman gets herself a scapegoat.

Hamlette's Soliloquy  "The Blue Dahlia (1946)"

Who killed Alan Ladd's promiscuous and alcoholic wife?  Hamlette gives us the lowdown.

Hamlette's Soliloquy  "The Glass Key (1942)"

Veronica Lake makes me wish I was a Depression era babe...

It Came from the Man Cave  "Danger! These Girls are Hot!" Jail Bait

Ed Wood (yes, THAT "Ed Wood") does noir in his unique manner.

It Came from the Man Cave  "Durbin in Her Most Dramatic Glory" Christmas Holiday

Christmas in "Noir" land.

LA Explorer  "Spotlight on The Big Heat"

Glenn Ford is a man on a mission.

The Lonely Critic  "M (1931)"

"Proto" noir at its absolute finest.

Moon in Gemini  "The Romantic Noir Protagonist: High Sierra and After Dark, My Sweet"

Two noirs with a romantic twist.

MovieMovieBlogBlog  "Cry of the City"

Gritty drama of a classic noir theme

Musings of a Classic Film Addict  "The Film Noir Blogathon: My Analysis of Criss Cross (1949)"

Who is on whose side?  A very intriguing take on the noir theme of twisted triangles.

Noirish  "Return from the Ashes (1965)"

A woman returns home from the Nazi Death camp to find her world changed on the home front, too.

Old Hollywood Films  "Leave Her to Heaven"

Gene Tierney is a woman who knows what she wants.

The Old Hollywood Garden  "The Big Combo (1955)"

Fog and shadows, that's the essence of noir in this output.

Outspoken and Freckled  "The Black Pools of Noir in Murder, My Sweet 1944"

Marlowe is on the case, and is one of the best in the business.

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies  "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982)"

Steve Martin is on the case (with lots of famous guest stars)

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies  "Not Your Typical Noir: Nobody Lives Forever (1946)"

John Garfield falls for his victim in "Nobody Lives Forever".

Radiator Heaven  "The Big Sleep"

Ladies' man Bogie is on the case in a truly twisted story.

Realweegiemidget  "Reviewing John Wick"  John Wick

"Neo-noir" action, (with a puppy).

Shadows and Satin  "The Film Noir Blogathon: The Damned Don't Cry (1950)"

Joan Crawford is a wily woman (as usual)

Silver Scenes  "My Name is Julia Ross (1951)"

Who is Julia Ross? Check out Silver Scenes entry to find out.

Silver Scenes  "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1956)"

A Fritz Lang noir, how can you go wrong?

Silver Screenings  "John Garfield: Film in a Dangerous Time"  He Ran All the Way

John Garfield is in trouble with the Heat  (and the heat)

Sometimes They Go to Eleven  "Where the Sidewalk Ends"

The cop crosses the line to bring down the gangster.

Straw Cats  "Rewriting the Noir Canon"  Dementia

Combining "horror" and "noir", in what sounds intriguingly bizarre.

Vienna's Classic Hollywood  "The Enforcer (1951)"

Good guy Bogart goes up against the mob.

Wide Screen World "The Naked City"

New York City in a nutshell.

Wolffian Classics Movies Digest  "The Prowler"

 A switch on the classic film noir pattern.


  1. Good morning, Quiggy! I've got my review of The Blue Dahlia up right here. Thanks for hosting this -- looks like there are lots of great entries up already.

    1. Thank's for joining. Hope you have a good weekend. Looks like I'm going to be busy busy busy. And I still have to write my review too.

    2. I'm still working on my post for "The Glass Key." Hoping to have it done tomorrow, but might be Sunday -- gotta grab some screencaps for it yet.

      And yes, you will have your work cut out for you linking everyone's reviews up, reading them, etc. Have fun!

  2. My review for Suspicion ( is up now!

    1. Got to uo on the role. Thanks for your submission.

  3. Thank you so much for hosting this blogathon :) Here is my entry!

    1. Always welcome. Especially for ones I need to watch but somehow have neglected.

  4. Here's my post:

    Thanks so much for hosting!

    1. Here's another movie on a 10 disc set I bought last mont that I have just been itching to watch (the 1946 version that is) Thanks for joining.

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  7. Here's my post on Kansas City Confidential and 99 River Street:

    Thanks for hosting this blogathon!

    1. Thanks for joining in on the fun. I got your post listed now.

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    3. Don't know what happened but it works now.

  8. Quiggy, welcome to the Reign of Terror:
    Have a blast!

  9. Here it is- thanks for being a host- and I like your blog name/ theme!

    1. Thanks. You are now added to the list. Enjoy the other entries when you can.

  10. Here's my contribution - a review of THE BIG SLEEP:

  11. Here's our post to Beyond a Reasonable Doubt :

    Could you provide a link to your main page here on your announcement page as well? I may have linked the announcement page in my first post by accident.

    1. Momentarily I will link the other. In the meantime I have this one added to the list. Thanks for participating.

  12. Hi, Quiggy. Here's my link to my post on The Damned Don't Cry. Thanks for hosting!

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  15. Sorry did not see that i needed to post here :( so here are my links and you where right Jail Bait was a tough one to watch!

    Jail Bait

    Christmas Holiday

    Thanks again for hosting!! This was fun and opened my eyes to Film-Noir!

    1. It's all good. I got both added to the list now.

  16. Hi Quiggy. Just letting you know that my article for the Film Noir Blogathon will be late. I'm currently working on it now, but it won't be completed until after my Barrymore blogathon ends.

    1. Busy bees in August is why I decided to go ahead and extend it. Plus I really wanted to read yours. I'll look forward to it.

  17. Here's my post on Dead Men Don't... -
    Sorry it's late! It's been a crazy week with all of these blogathons going on. My second post should be finished by tonight.

    Thanks for hosting!

    1. I was really hoping for this one. Another take on the movie that originally inspired my interest in noir. Thanks.

    2. And here's my other one!

      Thanks again!

    3. That one will be added too. Thanks.


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